It was established in April 2020 and entered the cosmetics sector with its high quality products. It has managed to take its place on the shelves for a short time with its BONIC Magıc Touch and Nakano brands.

Comprehensive tests and analyzes, which we apply in R&D and production stages, are applied with great care in order to protect the trust of our consumers in us. By working in great harmony with all units, the process from the entry of the raw material to the factory to the delivery of the product to the consumer is controlled step by step, so that high quality products and services are provided.

In our company, which has production, manufacturing and storage areas prepared using the latest technology, thanks to our high production capacity, we are able to produce private label products in line with the demands of our customers as well as our own brand.

In the cosmetic product category, we continuously improve our product line and offer it to our customers because we are aware of the need for beauty and innovation.



Not deviating from customer-oriented, innovative understanding


Not compromising on quality, being reliable and transparent.


To pursue a sustainable production approach by using existing resources effectively and efficiently.


Being sensitive to the world, environment and people

To make high quality and innovative products in the cosmetics sector accessible not only in the domestic market but also in the world market thanks to our R&D investments.

To provide quality service by producing in world standards with our innovative, solution-oriented and disciplined staff.

We aim to be your best solution partner with our team that is open to innovations and constantly developing in contract manufacturing stages.
In the productions we have realized in line with the wishes of our customers, we understand the wishes of our customers and complete the project by following it from the first step to the last step as it dreamed.
By determining the concept, all stages, including brand formation, graphic design, packaging, laboratory tests and label selection, are completed and submitted to customer approval and production begins.
All you have to do is dream ..

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